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Understanding the Fundamentals of the 3D Bioprinting Space

Author: Adam Alonzi For medicine bioprinting is a necessity and an inevitability. The demand for organs will surely¬†continue to climb with the global median age. Yet what hurdles lie in the way of creating a renewable supply? One major engineering … Continue reading

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Transhumanism Solving Violence and Improving the Human Condition: IQ, EQi, and Intelligence Upgrades

Can we end violence? Can we create greater emotional well being and intellectual equality for the greater well being of humanity? Will we be able to keep up with machines? How can we augment our intelligence? Could we cure mental … Continue reading

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Antioxidants and Their Role in Aging: Myths and Misconceptions

Author: Adam Alonzi Whether dietary antioxidants can substantially improve health, delay senescence, and protect us from premature death is an important question for researchers and health enthusiasts alike. While supplementation with certain molecules is known to increase the average lifespans … Continue reading

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