World Leaders Have Decided: The Next Step in AI is Augmenting Humans

By Abby Norman and Jolene Creighton on February 10, 2018 Think that human augmentation is still decades away? Think again. This week, government leaders met with experts and innovators ahead of the World Government Summit in Dubai. Their goal? To determine the future of artificial intelligence. It was an event that attracted some of the biggest […]

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These Are The 11 Extinct Animals on the List to Be Brought Back to Life

The Long Now Foundation has created a list of extinct species that it believes we should consider resurrecting via DNA and other modern technologies. Some argue that this would amount to “playing God,” but the reintroduction of some of these species could revitalize natural habitats and increase flora and fauna.

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Scientists Have Unlocked the Code That Turns Genes On and Off

Scientists from University of California – San Diego were able to confirm the code responsible for initiating transcription and regulation of more than half of human genes. Knowing how or why genes are turned on and off during development, as well as understanding how they respond to environmental changes, will help us find ways to prevent diseases.