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Why Monolithic Domes Should Replace Damaged Structures in Disaster Relief Zones

With the wake of Hurricane Harvey, and now Irma, Jose, and Katia increasingly unpredictable weather is on the horizon and the only way to recover from these natural disasters is to adapt because doing the same thing over and over again will … Continue reading

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In an Age of Terrorism We Have To Make it Harder for Terrorists to get Guns

Many of the issues in the gun debate would be solved if people simply went through a proper and American legal process or background check before being able to purchase a gun and illegal gun trading between friends or craigslist … Continue reading

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A Case for Bernie Sanders and the Future

A Case for Bernie Sanders and the Future By: Carla M. Parsons “A Future to Believe in” is the Bernie Sanders campaign slogan, but in what ways is Bernie futurist? And what is so important about the future? We will … Continue reading

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